It’s happened about a month ago… my relationship was end…


Like everything was collapsed… I have no inspiration to do anything…


Wake up… without someone beside me… who I want to share all my memories anymore…



As time goes by… staying with friends and family helps me a lot…


Now I’m much better… but won’t become a same person…


I have to live in the same planet… but see it with my old eyes by the new aspects…


Experiences will make me grown up… I hope…


Some one said that…

When you break up with someone, it’s a good time to do anything

that you have no chance to do before.


Now I’m free… But I realize that there was no any prohibition from my ex!


So there is no need to try new thing… because there isn’t!


OK! just move on


Inspired by the exists things… I just want to see the world YEAHHHH!!!!!!!



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